Urban-Technics has once again received Excellent SME certificate


The certificate is issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in cooperation with the company Coface to the most successful small and medium-sized companies.


The main purpose of the certificate, coinciding with EU directives is to promote successful small and medium companies, secure and safe business, good business practices and to increase market transparency. Additionally it will help customers and business partners to decrease financial and other risks when concluding business agreements.

It enables local and international business partners to verify company’s existence, proper web address, and most importantly creditworthiness.


We can all agree that the past year has not been easy. We have faced various challenges and are still struggling with some of them. Which is all the more reason why we are especially glad that trustworthiness and integrity are always recognized in our business.

Regardless of the circumstances, meeting the needs of our customers, satisfaction of our employees and quality without alternative, are values we don’t give up on.