URBAN-TECHNICS was established in Valjevo in 2003.

In its relatively short existence, the company has become a trusted supplier to leading global companies and their subsidiaries around the world.

On this path URBAN-TECHNICS has specialized in the production of plastic parts by the means of extrusion
and became the indispensable link in the global companies supply chain.


Production program:

PS, ABS, PP plastic sheets and foils for thermoforming and vacuumforming

Plastic profiles for various industries

Gasket, magnetic and non-magnetic gasket for the refrigerator door, for the Home Appliances Industry

Hot-stamping plastic profiles for the Home Appliances Industry



extrusion, co-extrusion, roll-on-in-line hot-stamping, welding, punching and additional processing for plastic profiles.


PS, soft and rigid PVC, ABS, PP, PE, TPE-S, TPV, TPU …

Number of employees:

180 (10 engineers, 7 controllers)



PS plastic sheets and foils for thermoforming: 2 automatic extrusion lines, capacity: 5.500 t/year
Plastic profiles and hot stamping plastic profiles: 12 extrusion lines, capacity: 15.000.000 m/year
Plastic profiles for civil engineering industry: 4 extrusion lines for civil engineering profiles: 3.000 t/year
Door gasket for refrigerator and freezer: 2 extrusion lines, capacity: 2,200,000 pcs/year

Additional processing:

PVC and TPE Dihtung: 8 single-headed welding machines
PVC frames for freezers: 1 four-headed welding machine
2 devices for inner radius heat deformation on PVC frames
2 CNC wire erosion machines (for the production of extrusion tools)
1 Hydraulic press size 850×1750 mm, force strength 80 t
1 CNC formatizer size 800×1400 mm

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