We are URBAN-TECHNICS DOO VALJEVO, an innovative company, one stop shop for all extruded plastic parts for the Home Appliance Industry. As a reliable partner of multinational companies  we are working on the constant improvement and development of our products, processes and technologies.


Our customers are our long-term partners who have recognized our trustworthiness and willingness to cooperate through all stages of product development. Driven by the mission to achieve and sustain the ultimate quality level of our products and processes,  we have become an indispensable link in the worldwide supply chain for the Home Appliance Industry.


Aware of the current situation in the world, the presence and influence of Chinese investors, as well as the opportunities that are open due to the process of Serbia’s accession to the EU, we recognized the chance for expansion in the global market. We are using the benefits of Free Trade Agreements and actively tracking favorable sources of financing to increase the level of competitiveness and ingenuity.


We are working determinedly on improving and expanding cooperation with existing partners and finding new ones with whom we will build a long-term relationship of mutual respect. We automate and digitize our production processes through continuous investment in knowledge, infrastructure, equipment and employee education. We use regranulated materials in line with circular economy requirements whenever is requested by our customer. We are building a modern, energy efficient and energy sustainable factory, that will enable us further growth and development.


Our company core value is QUALITY WITHOUT ALTERNATIVE and the competence and commitment of employees are the key factor in our success. We respect the integrity of employees and encourage a culture of transparent communication.


URBAN-TECHNICS has been and will remain a socially responsible company that always puts the quality of its products first. United by the idea of LIMITLESS POLYMERS we are developing ourselves, because the future belongs to those who believe they can move the boundaries.