URBAN-TECHNICS MISSION for the period 2019.-2021.

We are URBAN-TECHNICS Ltd, an innovative company, one-stop-shop for all the extruded plastic parts for the Home Appliances Industry. As a reliable partner of many multinational companies, we are working on the constant improvement and development of our products, processes and technology.

Our customers are our long-term partners who have recognized our willingness to cooperate through all stages of product development. During the rich fifteen-year experience in polymer processing, we have acquired the status of a reliable partner that puts quality at first place. We always carry out our business obligations within the time limit taking into account the requirements of our clients. As partners of companies that demand quality, compliance with contractual and legal obligations, we have positioned ourselves on the world market as an indispensable link in the supply chain for the Home Appliances industry with the tendency to expand to other industries.

Aware of the unstable political and economic situation in the world, the increasing presence of Chinese investors and the opportunities open to the joining process of Serbia towards the EU, we have recognized the need for expansion both in the current and other markets. We use the benefits of all Free Trade Agreements for diversification to new industries, and especially to construction, arms, automotive … We are actively following offers of favorable loans and other incentive sources of financing in order to continuously raise the level of competitiveness and invest in new technologies. Our goal is the product delivered in time at competitive prices, satisfying all customer requirements, as well as quality that does not have an alternative.

We are working intensively on finding partners, with whom we build a reliable and long-term relationship of mutual respect. On this path, we understand the importance of introducing new polymeric materials and the standards required in certain areas. In line with industry 4.0 and traced through the digitization and automation of the production process, we want to know at all times all the parameters of the process, and for that purpose, we are improving the existing one and acquiring new equipment. We will build a modern plant that will use renewable energy sources, increase overall efficiency and enable further development.

Our first and foremost company value is: QUALITY WITHOUT ALTERNATIVE. The competence, flexibility and commitment of our employees are the key to our success and the reason for constant investment in our most valuable resource – PEOPLE. Through the education of our employees and scholarships for talented young people, we will build a team of skilled workers striving to achieve new success and to obtain knowledge.

URBAN-TECHNICS has been and will remain a socially responsible company that always puts the quality of its products in the first place. All of us, united by the idea of LIMITLESS POLYMERS, will develop ourselves because the future belongs to those who believe that they can move the bounderies.